Orchestration for Recording Sessions for $75

In Arrangements By ANDREW OSANO

Orchestration for Recording Sessions for $75

I have 18 years of experience orchestrating music for recording sessions. These recordings were used in Film, Television, Video Games, and Music Libraries.

I will orchestrate your music from midi and audio, creating scores and parts ready to be put in front of an orchestra to be recorded. Rate is based on per minute of music for a single orchestral section (e.g. Strings only). For additional sections (Woodwinds, Brass, etc.) It is an additional $50/min/section, for example a full orchestra of Woodwinds, Brass, and Strings would be $175/min. I can also orchestrate from a piano sketch for an additional $35/minute of music.

I am proficient in both Dorico and Sibelius and can either provide you the dorico/sibelius files or PDFs of the final orchestrations.

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