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Hey there! I'm Ilan, a multi-instrumentalist argentinian young-rising Music Producer/Composer. I started my musical journey as a drumer at the age of 7. I was been actively working in Argentina and I have experience creating music for short films, video games, radio, multimedia content, etc. , With all of that journey, it makes me a very versatile Music Producer - Arranger - Beat Maker - Composer- Orchestrator - Drumer

In this gig, I offer to work with you on your project. Film Scoring, arrangement and composition for your own song or mini film, web series, jingles, ads, video content. From just an idea, you could work with me to finish your arrangement with only $50 per minute of music. Guaranteed money back if you're not satisfied, and unlimited revisions.

In this project, you could have any instruments, or any MIDI tracks with no additional cost and also is included an epic orchetra! I can provide you with a section of strings, winds and brass! I could also work on every genre that you love.

My goal is to make you satisfied with my work, and help you achieve the sound and arrangement that you want. I could also suggest and add some ideas if you need it. So can't wait to start working on your projects, and have a great time!

Please do not hesitate to consult!

Some of my work:

  • Ambient
  • Choral
  • Broadway
  • Lounge
  • Funk
  • Musical theatre

Film demo 1

  • Film demo 1
  • Film demo 2
  • Film demo 3
  • Film demo 4
  • Videogame
  • radio

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