Remix for $250

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Remix for $250

Vincent Bastille’s musical arrangement talents are absolutely remarkable. Vincent Bastille possesses a unique ability to transform a basic musical composition into a complex and captivating piece of art. With an innate sense of harmony, melody, and rhythm, Vincent Bastille has the power to create arrangements that transcend genre boundaries and deeply resonate with listeners.
What sets Vincent Bastille apart as a musical arranger is their ability to understand and interpret the artistic vision of a composer or group while infusing it with their own creative touch. Their arrangements are meticulously crafted, showcasing each instrument and voice in a balanced and harmonious manner. Vincent Bastille also possesses extensive technical expertise, fully utilizing the possibilities offered by music production technologies.
Collaborating with Vincent Bastille will be a rewarding and inspiring experience. Their effective communication skills enable them to transform artists' and musicians' ideas into powerful and cohesive arrangements. Vincent Bastille is a master of orchestration, capable of creating grand and cinematic arrangements while maintaining musical sensitivity and attention to detail.
Whether it's for studio recordings, live performances, or multimedia projects, Vincent Bastille excels in the art of musical arrangement. Their unique talents and unwavering passion for music make them a valuable asset to any artistic production. Vincent Bastille is truly a talented and visionary musical arranger, capable of bringing any composition to life with their distinctive artistic flair.

  • Ambient
  • Electronic
  • House
  • EDM
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock

Electro-World demo

This title was entirely created by myself, starting from the writing process in Ableton, then the arrangement, and finally the mastering. I put as much dedication into producing for myself as I do for other productions.
  • Electro-World demo

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