Classy Arrangements Instumentation and Orchestration for $77

In Arrangements By J. C. Graça

Classy Arrangements Instumentation and Orchestration for $77

I am very demanding and professional regarding my work.

Let's build upon what your song is asking for, so we can make it even more beautiful. That is the main purpose of arranging or orchestrating on a Song.

I have the best production tools in the market in which I've invested throughout the years to provide my Beautiful Arrengement with a classy, polished sound.

I've worked with several Pop, Rock and Metal projects in the past but my qualifications allow a broader take on genres.

The number of tracks I'll provide won't necessarily affect the pricing since a song my demand from 8 tracks up to 20 or more. Only if a specific request is made do we need to dicuss such a matter.

Revisions included are 3, just so we can be blunt and straight to the point as fast as we can.

Looking forward to working with your music.

  • Broadway
  • Christian
  • Gospel
  • Metal
  • Pop-Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter

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