Disney Style Music Arrangement / Production Mix & Master Included for $299

In Arrangements 100% Guarantee By Alireza Vejdani

Disney Style Music Arrangement / Production Mix & Master Included for $299

Hi Everyone!

My name is Alireza. I am an experienced composer / Orchestrator/music producer of film and television scores, Trailers, Games, and Pop/Rock Songs. I also specialize in virtual orchestrations & mock-ups in various music genres. My works have been performed on Tv Programs worldwide, including award-winning signature PBS series.

I offer an entire Orchestral Disney Style arrangement to your composition or song created from only a piano sketch, Vocal and chords, or any other instrument recorded.
I can also originally compose new music for you based on your needs.

I use the best quality sample library collections available today.

I can also provide Female and Male vocal recordings of your music, performed by Professional Singers

My mixes are Big, Lush, Clean, and elaborately crafted and will be delivered with an option for any number of revisions until you're satisfied with the result!
After your approval, I can also send the Audio Stems of the arrangement, as in the different instrumental sections used in the piece/song.

I set the fee for this service very low because I want to add reviews to my Airgig account.

I'd love to listen to your music and hear about your project.

Thank you


  • Classical
  • Musical theatre
  • Choral
  • Ambient
  • Metal
  • Opera

Holidays With Hags

Magical Orchestral
  • Holidays With Hags
  • Voyages With Vampires
  • Where There's A Wand There's A Way
  • The Book Of Spells
  • Sonnets Of A Sorcerer

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