Arrange and Produce your songs for $80

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Arrange and Produce your songs for $80

Hi! Lucas here. Im a constant lerning producer from Argentina. I can put all my creativity and knowledge to give your songs what they need. Always beeing careful for the artist to be the one who shine.
I can provide a full proffesional production, including since programmed drums, and all kind of instruments using VSTs, Orchestral Arrangement using Professional Librarys (very realistic resaults) and real recording of guitars, acustic guitars, basses and percussion.
If you need it, I can rec real drums and brasses to! I currently work with sessionist who can provide what the song needs!
You do have a lyric but you don't know how create a melody for it? Do not worry! We do that to.
Contact me and we can work it out!

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Knock Out - Juan Torresi

Production, Arrangement, Edit
  • Knock Out - Juan Torresi
  • Revivio el Amor - La Esencia de la Cumbia
  • Tuyo Siempre - La Esencia de la Cumbia
  • En Libertad -

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