Horn Charts For Gigging Bands / 2 to 6 parts for $125

In Arrangements 100% Guarantee By Steve Hoover

Horn Charts For Gigging Bands / 2 to 6 parts for $125

Pro horn charts for working bands - tailor made for your group - creative parts created for songs without horns originally. Delivered via .pdf - beautifully done in Sibelius.

I have no issues with deadlines - I'm fast and accurate. Been doing this for a LONG time. Put my skills to work for you.

I have a degree in MusEd from SIU-E - many years experience with Sibelius - in fact I was one of the very first to use it in the US. Great eye for detail - fast, accurate, deadlines are not an issue. Happy to send you any type of example you need. Have the latest iteration of Sibelius as well as Sib6.

from my website: Steve Hoover is the long-time keyboardist/bassist for St. Louis legends, The Bob Kuban Band. He also plays bass and keyboard for Abbey Road Warriors - an all-Beatles band he started in 2010. He's also available on trombone and tuba!

Steve is a talented arranger and copyist and has done hundreds of arrangements for clients across the country. A consummate professional, he is a skilled music reader as well as a solid "ear" player in a number of styles. Steve Hoover holds a B.A. in Music Education from SIUE. He taught music in the U.City and Ritenour schools for 17 years before deciding to become a full-time musician, producer, composer and arranger.

Steve’s arrangements have been published by Clarus Music, and a children’s musical, co-written with his wife Kathy, was published by McGraw-Hill. Steve has been playing professionally since 1974 and has performed on trombone with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, the Fox Theatre Orchestra, the Webster University Brass Quintet, on piano at the Muny and with many other St. Louis area professional groups.

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