Music Production for $199

In Arrangements 100% Guarantee By Dosoldo Productions

Music Production for $199

If you have a song, I will make a professional music track for you to sing your song on that.
If you want a music for your movie, advertisement, YouTube video, Trailer, Podcast, etc. I am the one who can create it from scratch.
All genres welcome, however oriental music (including Arabic, Persian/Farsi, Afghan, Turkish, Kurdish, Tajik, etc.) is my unique capability.

High quality music production service providing:
HQ audio file
Unlimited revisions
Unlimited song length
Unlimited processes (including level adjustments, EQ, compression, reverb and delay, exciter, automation, and any other process that may help your track sound better),
and, finally, Unlimited attention to your track until it’s perfect.

  • EDM
  • Pop
  • Hip Hop
  • World
  • Rock
  • Trap

oriental fusion pop

Music Produced by me
  • oriental fusion pop

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