arranging music for $250

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arranging music for $250

I have a strong background in orchestral music which enables me to arrange for classical and contemporary ensembles. If you need a strings or horns or a choir part for a song, look no further :-)

STARTING at $250 I can produce small orchestral arrangements. For example, a midi brass section, or a piano + strings arrangement. If you need a bigger sound with a full orchestra (brass, strings, woodwinds, percussion, etc etc...) I could work for $400.

If you'd like to hire the real deal (actual humans, instead of samples) and have me track a live 4 piece horn section or a whole string orchestra (etc) the price will have to go up. It'll depend on the arrangement and the size of the orchestra. We can talk about it :-) I have access to all sorts of A list musicians, it just comes down to working out the details.

National Anthem, live symphony

original arrangement
  • National Anthem, live symphony
  • National Anthem, 4 part vocal
  • Avocado Gelato (Kids music :-) )

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