Arrangements for ensembles, bands for $50

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Arrangements for ensembles, bands for $50

I'm a freelance guitarist/arranger based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My specialties as a guitarist include, rock/pop, blues, boleros, tango, jazz and brasilian music (samba, bossa nova). I'm also a singer and songwriter. As an arranger, I've been working with orchestras, guitar ensambles, duos, quintets, etc.

Whether you want an arrangement for a duo, your group of musicians or something like full ensembles/orchestras, I can deliver you what you need.

I just need you to send me an audio or score of your music and I'll be working right away on it! Also, I always like to talk with my costumers about the songs I'll be working on, so I can really immerse myself on them to get the best out of the arrangement.

Electric Guitars:
Fender Stratocaster
Ibanez AG 95

Acoustic Instruments:
Luthier made classical guitar (Hugo Robles)
Luthier made classical guitarrón (it´s a guitar with the strings tuned in B E A D F# B, really nice for comping)

AT 2020

Roland AC 40
Bias 2
Slides, various picks for different tones

For arrangements, I work with Sibelius. If you need me to record something on guitar, I can do it. I record through a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 in Reaper or Pro Tools.

Partial List of Session/arrangements Credits:
Guitar works on documentary film "Trabajo, quiero trabajo"
La Runfla - Tango quartet
Bien Sonoro - Music Production
Et Anima Mea - short film by Camilo Sánchez Lobo. Soundtrack and original music.

The $50 price includes any arrangement for groups, ranging from duos to full ensambles/orchestras. I'll gladly do up to 3 revisions at no extra charge should you require it.

Oro y Plata

  • Oro y Plata
  • En esta tarde gris
  • Yuyo verde
  • Bahía Blanca

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