Pre-production, arrangement for your songs for $149

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Pre-production, arrangement for your songs for $149

You have a melody and some lyrics but don’t know how to make it into a song?
Here I am, send me a demo of your idea, voice and guitar/piano or even just voice and the links to songs that you like, as an example to follow.....or not, if you prefer, I'll try something according to my taste.
I'll send you a first demo and if you like it we'll go on from there!
I will make a professional arrangement with software instruments (at least 4 tracks: drums, bass, piano and keys), as the first step and then pass it all on to “real” musicians.

Memphis Stomp (D. Grusin)

Only soft instruments!
  • Memphis Stomp (D. Grusin)
  • Mix Hippie Tendencies
  • Smooth Operator

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