Professional Full Song Production In Any Style From Start To Finish for $350

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Professional Full Song Production In Any Style From Start To Finish for $350

My name is Sam Diaz and I'm a professional music composer/producer/arranger from Miami, FL who has had many placements on commercials/trailers from Person of Interest, Amazing Race, Blackfish Documentary Trailer to award winning feature and short films such as Still standing, Tethered, Monster in My Swimming Pool etc. I've also had the amazing pleasure of writing and producing the music to all of Lia-Marie Johnson's Horror films and have performed/produced with many artists such as Janely Ramos, Arturo Sandoval, Ed Calle, Tamika J, Kristen Ouzts etc. More than anything, I wanna help you take your song to the next level so here are the first few steps from turning your demo or idea into a hit sounding record.

1. Send me your rough track, lyrics, and any information about your tune. Please include references, style, artists...etc. Remember, the more descriptive you are, the faster I'll get to the sound you are hearing in your head.

2. As a Multi-Instrumentalist and Professional Engineer, I work extremely fast in every style you can think of (Pop, Orchestral, Electronic, Indie, etc.) and will have your song out to you very shortly and sounding excellent,

I do up to 3 revisions per demo.

I have tons of professional gear such as a Yamaha Kx88 Midi Controller, Roland RD300-SX digital piano, Yamaha G2 baby grand piano, M-Audio Keystation 88/49, Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision and Jazz Bass. Ovation Acoustic guitar. Mapex Saturn V Drums as well as a Roland TD-9 Electronic Drumset. With the electronic drums, I like to use Superior Drummer 3 and Addictive Drums for acoustic emulations. I also have a Sterling ST79 microphone that's amazing on both male and female vocals. I use ART tube preamps as well as Warm Audio Preamps. I'm comfortable and efficient on all daws from Ableton to Pro tools and have access to hundreds of sound libraries that I'm completely proficient on.

If you need a professional male or female vocalist to sing your track, that will be an additional $150 per vocalist. Please let me know from the beginning if you want this service as I have to book these singers immediately to meet the deadline.

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