Female Lead, Harmony and Backing Vocals for $80

In Arrangements By Brynn Corbello

Female Lead, Harmony and Backing Vocals for $80

Vocals for full use in any project: Lead, Harmony and backing vocals
Will be happy to assist in writing arrangements or can strictly follow a pre-written song.

Brynn Corbello's vocals have been heard in the independent film "Live," as well as during live performances nationally and internationally. She has also been hired to sing at weddings and other functions since 2013 and has trained with Robert Lunte's, Author of "The Four Pillars of Singing," program. Brynn Corbello is a producer, sound engineer, musician and composer with BC Records since 2010 and her compositions have been heard in many films and performances including the New York City Off-Off Broadway Production of "Hot Belly."

$80: I will be singing a lead vocal track for up to 7 minutes of your song and can sing backing vocals and harmony on the chorus as specified. You may use this in any project and will maintain all rights to your lyrics and music. You will get 1 free revision of this project.

I have a soft, high voice with a slight wrasp in my natural singing voice but can deviate from this sound to sing in a range of styles including:
Light and soft Whispery Sound

I will be happy to work with you on any vocal vision you may have! I'm excited to hear your ideas! I just know they're great! You are a superstar!

I'll be happy to negotiate a ghost-singer status vs if you'd like my name attached to the project depending on what you would prefer.

All recordings are done in Cubase with Steinberg Equipment and are delivered in raw uncompressed format with no mixing. Vocal mixing can be done if specified.

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Folk Style: My natural voice in an original song written for a film project. Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Brynn Corbello with BC Records
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