Violin, Solo for $50

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Violin, Solo for $50

This gig is designed for projects that require the voice of a single violin.

Since joining Airgigs in 2013, I've added violin solos to many types of music, from Viking Metal to Orchestral Soundtracks. I have a great ear, and an innate ability to tap into the feeling of a song and enhance it. But why take it from me- just read the reviews!

Being a travelling musician, I often record in unconventional contexts, which serve to enhance the uniqueness of the final product.

I look forward to hearing your songs!

How it works:

Based on your initial ideas and recommendations, I will prepare a "draft" version of your song with violin added. Quite often, my initial ideas are more than sufficient, but am happy to offer 2 free revisions, after which a $10 fee per revision applies.

Airgigs Project Example 2

  • Airgigs Project Example 2

19 Reviews

  1. Review By: SteveHungMusic Feb 13, 2019

    Thanks for the tracks.

  2. Review By: ryanlestersongwriter Jan 26, 2019

    Really easy, smooth, and satisfactory experience.

  3. Review By: grewill Jan 20, 2019

    Fast and accurate!

  4. Review By: everenmusic Jan 20, 2019

    Great performance and communicative person.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  5. Review By: grewill Jan 17, 2019

    Exactly what I needed! Thanks

  6. Review By: grewill Jan 16, 2019

    Awesome! Thanks

  7. Review By: Bluebird Oct 11, 2018

    Overall I'd say Davey's contribution to my project was excellent. In particular, I had a section of my song that needed an energetic string arrangement to support it an keep it interesting, and he came up with something really inventive and beautiful. It would have been helpful up front to know that he plays completely by ear, i.e, does not read music, as I like to make specific edits. Ultimately still more than worth it, but something to consider depending what you are looking for.

  8. Review By: scottcavagan Jul 20, 2018

    First class once again, this is the third time I have worked with Davey and he continues to bring something beautiful to my songs. I can't thank you enough.

  9. Review By: bigblue Feb 4, 2018

    Davey is an amazing musician, every song he plays on is improved by his input and ideas, do yourself a favour and try him out,JJ

  10. Review By: Danielplainview7 Sep 9, 2017

    Awesome violinist! Really going to elevate my material!

  11. Review By: bigblue Sep 5, 2017

    Another fantastic job by Davey, he has given our song a touch of class,his playing is off the map and really compliments the piece.My third job in three weeks and next one in the can,JJ.Superb

  12. Review By: bigblue Aug 31, 2017

    Another fantastic piece of work from Davey, a brilliant player who will help you take your song to the next level.Davey is full of great ideas who will add a touch of class to whatever you send him,my next job is already planned,JJ

  13. Review By: scottcavagan Aug 30, 2017

    another beautiful piece from Davey, can't wait for next one, perfect as ever.

  14. Review By: RobertArth Aug 23, 2017

    Davey is a great musician. You best give him a lot of space for his own interpretation and you'll be surprised! Thanks again Davey

  15. Review By: bigblue Aug 13, 2017

    A fantastic experience working with Davey, not just a great musician but someone who brings great ideas to the table as well. My next job with him is already planned ,JJ

  16. Review By: dougmerlino Aug 5, 2017

    Davey did a great job! Speedy and great communication.

  17. Review By: scottcavagan Aug 1, 2017

    Davey I can't thank you enough, I had a track that was very important to me and Davey created the most beautiful part to accompany it. The end result really has blown my mind I could never have imagined receiving such a beautiful piece. I definitely be back in touch.

  18. Review By: JimW Jul 17, 2017

    Davey is great to work with. He's open to ideas and suggestions. Great intonation, energy and emotion.

  19. Review By: Kenneth Jul 14, 2017

    A real pleasure to work with Davey. He have the skill and the experience to lift your songs to the next level.
    I hIghly recommend him.

  20. Review By: westmusic Mar 21, 2017

    Super Pro work!

  21. Review By: westmusic Mar 20, 2017

    Excellent! :)

  22. Review By: RobertArth Feb 26, 2017

    Great working with Davey. Creative work, really add something fresh to the song. Very quick to reply and change anything. Love what he did with the song I created. I surely recommend him and I will choose him again in the future. Robert.

  23. Review By: Kaleidoscope Jun 3, 2016

    Davey's violin touched my heart.
    He is super talented, creative, professional , and extremely easy to work with. Always provides updates and keeps in contact.
    I highly recommend Davey for all your needs

  24. Review By: lozbo Apr 16, 2016

    Davey delivers his fabness once again!

  25. Review By: Votivary Sep 1, 2015

    Davey killed it again and gave me exactly what I wanted. I'll be using him again in the future.

  26. Review By: Votivary Aug 30, 2015

    Davey was great to work with, really exceeded my expectations and (most importantly) we were able to communicate and take the song to another level. I've already immediately ordered two more tracks from him.

  27. Review By: lozbo Aug 22, 2015

    a genuine joy to work. davey elevates everything he works on... a craftsman with musical know-how, creative inspiration and the ability to do things that transcend words.

  28. Review By: lozbo May 21, 2015

    brilliant! a genuine joy to work with and fantastic end results. real understanding of the song's needs; creativity, craft and class... highly recommended.

  29. Review By: KellyC Apr 12, 2015

    It's a pleasure to work with Davey, and his additions to the track were just right. Easy person to work with, and very good communication. Would definitely recommend him for anyone's project. Great job!

  30. Review By: lozbo Mar 12, 2015

    Brilliant, beautiful, thoughtful and ace - probably just what your project needs (and all done is such a fab, friendly, professional way).

  31. Review By: lozbo Feb 22, 2015

    Davey is a gem. A genuine pleasure to work with but he is also blessed with technical ability, sensitivity, creativity and a desire to make the project flourish and achieve its potential. Highly recommended and almost certainly what your project needs in the violin department.

  32. Review By: Johnny Jan 22, 2015

    Great job, Davey. Thanks for the great playing and quick turnaround!

  33. Review By: lozbo Dec 18, 2014

    Simply brilliant!

  34. Review By: lozbo Dec 11, 2014

    davey magics everything he plays on... he plays and creates with true understanding of what the music is about and where it needs to go... plus, he is a genuine joy to work with.

  35. Review By: perbyhring Nov 4, 2014

    Davey did a great job adding string arrangements to my music. I can highly recommend using his service. I know I will, the next time I need a string-section

  36. Review By: lozbo Sep 27, 2014

    Davey improves every song he works on... He builds on the feel that is there and then uses his expert playing and incredible creative gifts to transport the music to an entirely new level. Highly recommended.

  37. Review By: lozbo Sep 3, 2014

    As ever, Davey's though, care, feel and fantastic playing have lifted a song to an entirely new level.

  38. Review By: Evennot Aug 15, 2014

    This is masterpiece!

  39. Review By: lozbo Aug 9, 2014

    as ever, above and beyond and a joy to work with.

  40. Review By: cubicruler Aug 4, 2014

    Davey was fast to deliver and had exceeded expectations right away. Actually I have to say he's done much more than that. Highly recommended.

  41. Review By: lozbo Jul 7, 2014

    brilliant... as ever. davey creates and captures something that connects with the soul and lifts the song to the place where it can flourish.

  42. Review By: lozbo Jul 1, 2014


  43. Review By: lozbo Jun 25, 2014

    davey is a gift... fantastic ear... great feel & playing and a top-notch fella too...

  44. Review By: thehawk Jun 4, 2014

    a great talent...

  45. Review By: dbc001 May 25, 2014

    Davey was quick and easy to work with, and improvised just enough to help realize the accompaniment that my song needed.

  46. Review By: lozbo Apr 9, 2014

    Perfect. Need violin magic = Davey.

  47. Review By: lozbo Apr 1, 2014

    Davey's done great again.

  48. Review By: bruthabenjamin Mar 28, 2014

    Davey is a great talent...great communication...speedy delivery...will definitely use him for strings in the future.

  49. Review By: sbenning Mar 12, 2014

    Excellent work. B
    Very quick turnover of work

  50. Review By: sbenning Mar 4, 2014


  51. Review By: Initiates Mar 2, 2014

    Great work once again Cheers

  52. Review By: Initiates Feb 23, 2014

    Highly recommended, fast response and great playing

  53. Review By: lozbo Feb 20, 2014

    Davey does brilliant things again! Great understanding of the songs' needs coupled with expert playing and genuine feel and creativity.

  54. Review By: evan Dec 5, 2013

    Great! Do you play cello too by any chance?

  55. Review By: lozbo Nov 22, 2013

    Highly recommended. Davey is a talented musician with a great ear and genuine feel. He is a pleasure to collaborate with and is enthusiastic, professional and sensitive to the song’s needs.

  56. Review By: kriskl Nov 21, 2013

    Completed faster than expected, great work!