Upper string ensemble, arrangement included for $325

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Upper string ensemble, arrangement included for $325

My passion as a player is finding a way to elevate music by using violin creatively and tastefully. I have a classical education and significant studio experience. I've worked professionally as an orchestral, touring, and session violinist for six years.

This gig includes a string ensemble of up to nine tracks. I can produce a string section sound by layering the same part multiple times on violin - one of my specialties. When the track calls for it, I can also achieve a viola, and if needed, a cello sound by using pitch and EQ pedals and effects, and produce a thicker section sound that works very well in tracks. Please see my other gigs if you'd like to add real cello - I charge just a bit more.

I'd be glad to compose a part to complement your music, or play your composition. If you're interested, I can record a demo over part of your song as a way for you to try out the sound.

Be sure to check my other gigs for solo violin work.

Luthier-made American violin, 1914
Mic #1: Audio Technica AT-4040 large diaphragm condensor mic
Mic #2: Beyerdynamic M-88 dynamic mic
L.R. Baggs Bridge Pickup and D.I. (I record and send each track as both a mic'd and line-in sound file for mixing options)
Preamp: Audient iD14
Logic pro/Ableton 9/VST bank including high-end reverb and EQ plugins

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