Strings - 8 unique violins + violas & cellos. for $200

In Violin, Viola, Cello 100% Guarantee By Ian Cooper

Strings - 8 unique violins + violas & cellos. for $200

Have immaculate strings on your songs.
Please listen to the samples!!

$400 for the first 4 parts,
$50 for subsequent violins/violas/cellos - up to 8 unique instruments per part.
(prices based on an average 3 min song.)

Your choice of mic - the glowing warmth of a vintage ribbon or the surgical purity of a large-diaphragm Neumann condenser, small-diaphragm condenser, tube condenser, dynamic mic or any combination of the above.

Fast turnaround.

Credits include George Benson, Olivia Newton-John, Tommy Emmanuel, Barry White, James Morrison, John Farnham, Marcia Hines.

“Ian Cooper playing everything is the tightest, most together string section I have ever heard.” - James Morrison.

Microphones: Neumann KM84, U87, AKG C451, various vintage RCA, Reslo & Altec vintage Ribbons, Sennheiser 441. Neve mic pres, AEA Ribbon mic pres.

Remote Control - Jeremy Diffey

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