Cello recording for $100

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Cello recording for $100

For the above mentioned price I will record a viola da gamba part for your project.

Send me your recording, and I will write and record (in wav) a cello part for it, or If you have written parts for it I can play it as is.
I'm a cello and viola da gamba player from Budapest. I've been playing cello from the age of 6 and viola da gamba for over 10 years now. I graduated from the cello department of Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. I play in many styles and genres but specialize in baroque and early music. I play regularly in chamber music orchestras and consorts, and have experience in the studio as well.

B.Marcello A minor sonata III. IV.

Gamba and cello sonata, both parts played by me.
  • B.Marcello A minor sonata III. IV.
  • J.S.Bach G major Suite Preludium
  • Piatti Caprice no. 1

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