Artistically recorded cello & cello arrangements for $100

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Artistically recorded cello & cello arrangements for $100

I’ve recorded for artists such as Fiona Apple, Midland, members of the Dixie Chicks, Ximena Sariñana (MX) and more. Most of my recordings have been done at Sonic Ranch Recording Studios.

I record on my acoustic cello using an Apogee Duet and Protools. I also have the option of using a pick up on my instrument, and even pedals if your project needs it. I charge $100 per track, and allow only 2 revisions. I will do as many takes as I need to ensure that I have some great options for your song! My recording process is very simple and I have achieved most of my recordings through improvisation. I'm very open to new ideas and enjoy the creative process!

I’ve been recording and working in studios for 6 years. The main one being Sonic Ranch studios near El Paso, TX. I’ve recorded on countless sessions, specializing in cello improv and part writing on the spot.I recently graduated with a degree in music from Southwestern University where I not only played cello, but composed works for myself and my own projects. I’ve worked with artists such as Ximena Sariñana (MX), Kalimba (MX), Fiona Apple, Midland, members of Hanson & the Dixie Chicks and many others. I am currently working on string arrangements with the up and coming artist, Carmen Ruiz who has played with people such as Natalia Lafourcade and Julieta Venegas. I also play live shows- a few highlights would be the BMI Latin SXSW showcase (2015), and the sold out Teatro Metropolitan show with Allison for a live DVD (2017).

Arrullo Cello

Parts I recorded for a Mexican artist named Carmen Ruiz
  • Arrullo Cello

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