Beautiful Violin - Any Style for $90

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Beautiful Violin - Any Style for $90

I will add violin of any style to your project. I will add up to 4 layers if necessary and can play by ear, read from a lead sheet, or read from sheet music. I record on my CAD Trion 8000 Multi-Pattern Condenser Tube Microphone from my home studio, which boasts magnificent acoustics. I record in Logic Pro X. I will provide a maximum of 2 revisions and will choose the best takes for you, which can be delivered as zipped wavs. Let me know what you need - I will work with you!

I've played violin for 18 years. I'm a graduate of Berklee College of Music and have a B.M. in Violin Performance. I was classically trained, but that's expanded to an array of genres such as jazz, soul, rock, roots, country, and more. I've shared the stage with Solange Knowles, Bootsy Collins, Brendan Urie, Terrance Blanchard, Slash, Joan Jett, and more. I've performed at iconic venues including the Hollywood Bowl, Boston Symphony Hall, and others.

The Chew

Added multiple layers of violin to commercial music track
  • The Chew
  • Sad Cue
  • Video Game Cue
  • Unmixed String Example

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