Hello. I’m a producer & mixing engineer located in Nashville, TN. I have a passion for great songs and great sounding recordings. Let's hang out.

My body of work consists of many independent artists as well as a large personal catalogue of songs used for sync licensing through Musicbed.com. Whether it's producing, mixing, creating songs for sync, or anything in-between, I'm always grateful for the opportunity to learn, express myself, and serve.

My overall goals in the studio are to:
- help create an environment where authentic art can happen
- be a servant to the client, the song, the energy in the room
- have fun!

- 10+ years of producing & mixing experience
- Associates Degree in Commercial Music [Collin College]
- Certificate in Audio Engineering [Collin College]
- Certificate in Audio Engineering [Los Angeles Recording School]

- Nominated for a Dove Award in 2014 [His Kidz United Vol. 1]
- FoH engineer at Preston Trail Community Church [Frisco, TX]
- Instructor of Recording Workshops at Neighborhood Arts & Music School [Frisco, TX]
- Top artist on Musicbed.com with multiple ad placements [Canon, Yahoo, Pei Wei, Verizon, UPS, & many more]