Professional Bassists are always in demand in the music industry for various projects with unique requirements. Musicians or bands may need to hire a session bassist who provides affordable bass tracks online or in a live studio setting. Bands and Musicians may also need a touring bassist to perform in support of live events. Xeones Bass is a professional bassist/composer with his own unique style and industry standard gear who can adapt to different styles of music and situations. These capabilities will allow you to achieve your musical goals at a convenient and affordable price.

Jay, Owner of Xeones Bass
Jay is a focused, passionate, and driven session bassist with his own unique style. He has over 12 years of experience in session work, live performance, songwriting, and music production in numerous projects. With influences ranging from Tool to Prince, he is versatile in multiple styles from Rock, Metal, Alternative, Jazz, Blues, country, and R&B. Jay approaches every project as unique and strives to give every project 100% commitment to support clients' musical endeavors. information. His past projects include Collabyrinth, Merc 6, Nyla Page, Veda St and many others. Xeones is currently the bassist for the DC based bands The Watch and Foglings.