Wade Alin began his composing career in 2002, making the transition from lead engineer at a small commercial music house in New York.

Over the last 13 years, he has won countless jobs for clients including ABC, Starz, HBO, Adidas, Ad Council, Gamestop, Sony, American Express, Chrysler, and ESPN. He has worked on re-branding campaigns for Starz, Reelz, A&E, HBO, and The Biography Channel. Wade also wrote the mnemonic for The Biography Channel.

Alin cut his teeth in the punk/underground music scene in the 1980’s, and went on to be a sought out programmer in the 1990’s. Wade’s work has been released on MCA, Cargo, Mercury, IRS, and many smaller independent labels. He has done programming for everyone from Sister Machine Gun to Jennifer Lopez, and has produced albums for countless independent artists including his own projects, Fath3r, Time Hater, and The Atomica Project.

He currently works as a producer/engineer for up and coming artists in New York.