I am a singer-songwriter based outside of the Chicago-land area. While my background is in Folk/Americana writing and performance, in most recent years I've branched out to the Pop and EDM worlds. I've garnered most of my success in the European markets mainly with EDM–40 million streams on Spotify alone! I've worked with professional artists from France, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Germany and many other places. I've had multiple songs signed with Sony and Warner–a few coming out soon!!

When I'm not doing music I am hanging with my little family–my wife and two-year-old boy. We love being outdoors and are thinking of buying an RV to live in full-time to travel this beauteous country. I love foraging for mushrooms–specifically morels. Beekeeping has been a hobby as well. I've spent a lot of time in East Africa as a volunteer working with and making friends with street kids and orphans.