Hello Singer-Songwriters,

My name is Troy. I have been playing drums for 21 years I can provide drums for your music projects and/or demos. I am excited to enter the world of session drumming. My style mainly focuses in the areas of rock, Southern rock, country, and blues, but open to other styles. Just as a chameleon adapts to the colors of its surroundings, I will adapt to the style of your music.

My goal is simple; to produce a product that goes beyond your expectation.
While it may seem a little intimidating working with someone you have never met in person, I assure you I am honest, reliable and have a responsible full-time professional career. I am also open to discussing anything. After all, these are your songs, and your satisfaction is my goal. I had a 1$ a song promotion going, but eventually told I couldn't offer that low of price.