When I was just a boy my Dad forced me to take accordion lessons which is when I learned to read and write music.
I really hated playing accordion but my Dad wanted me to be his little mini me so I hung in there until I got to Jr. High at which time I put away the squeeze box and started taking drum lessons. I loved playing them and had a natural sense of rhythm. I loved dual drummer bands like The Doobie Brothers and Almond Brothers but every time I tried to start a dual drummer group it became a competition.
Instead of playing together and in sync it turned into who could play better and louder. Lake of discipline.
As much as I loved playing drums for some reason, I lacked focus and commitment and as a result I never reached my full potential as a drummer, so I learned to play acoustic guitar instead.
Before I knew it, I was still playing drums but not on a drum kit but using the rhythm from my ride cymbal hand to create instrumental songs with crazy up beat rhythms.
As I got older and stared a family, I put music aside to pursue a career of some sort and only recently at the age of 61 started playing again thanks to my sister Bev who gave me a guitar and hoped I would pick it up.
I did just that, bought me a Taylor and with the help of modern technology just finished my second song. It takes me longer than it should because I write two drum tracks, left and right channel to achieve a dual drummer effect.
It took a year just to learn how to use the DAW and I’m still working on it.