When I was just a boy my Dad forced me to take accordion lessons which is when I learned to read and write music. That being said I hated it but my Dad wanted a little mini me so I hung in there until I got to Jr. High at which time I made a deal, if I got all A's he would buy me a drum set and pay for lessons.
Since I was only a C student and the time, he thought it was a safe bet.
Well I certainly fooled him; I did get all A's but when I asked him to pony up, he tried to wiggled out of the bet.
Lucky for me I had a strong witness, my mother and she fixed him up but good.
I got the drum set and after a couple years of boring lessons joined a group, we called The Joint Commission. Don’t bother googling it, this was back in the 70’s man.
I loved dual drummer bands like The Doobie Brothers and Almond Brothers. We tried to do the same thing but the lack of discipline made it impossible for us to work together.
Instead of playing in sync it turned into who could play better and louder.
As much as I loved playing drums for some reason, I lacked focus and commitment to stick with it and as a result I never reached my full potential, so I learned to play acoustic guitar instead.
Before I knew it, I was still playing drums but not on a ride cymbal or snare but in my strum patterns.
As I got older and stared a family, I put music aside to pursue a career of some sort and only recently at the age of 61 started playing again thanks to my sister Bev who gave me a guitar and hoped I would pick it up.
I did just that, bought me a Taylor and with the help of modern technology just finished my second song. It takes me longer than it should because I write two drum tracks, left and right channel to achieve a dual drummer effect.
It took a year just to learn how to use the DAW