To give you a little bit of my history and experience:

I studied at Musicians Institute in LA and attended the school on a full ride scholarship from 2010-2012 before moving to Nashville. I have toured with several major label artists ranging from country, rock, and pop over the last 6 years, as well as many unsigned artists. I've performed on the Grand Ole Opry several times, I record regularly from home and at studios around town, and I am a guitar instructor at Musicians Institute Nashville. I am endorsed by Orange Amplifiers, Elixir Strings, and JHS Pedals. I founded an original rock project called 'True Villains' and have been working with acclaimed producer Greg Archilla, and renowned music manager, Chief Zaruk as of late, and will be heading out on tour with Steel Panther in the Spring!

I am a versatile player and am comfortable with many genres. I love coming up with creative parts that serve a song. I can offer electric and acoustic guitar tracks ranging from interweaving layered parts, big crunchy guitars, slide guitar, ambient textural sounds, mellow and soulful vibey parts, and everything in between.