NATURAL RECORDS STUDIOS/BEATS OF HELL is the domain where you will witness the evolution of the Music, written and composed by the Artist (The Hawk). The Hawk’s beliefs are that the music is pure as it is an expression of the soul and the reality of this dimension we all live in.

A Great Soul once said; ‘There are no crazy people, only those without souls and those with too much soul’!

Beats of Hell are undertaking a very bold task, the task of producing sounds that touch the soul with the sole goal to empower the latter. The Beats of Hell sounds, they are RAW not mastered, not over produced; we let you enjoy first and foremost THE MUSIC and its entire purity and innocence!

Not that our music will not go through mastery, but we vow to introduce to you our MUSIC in its complete innocence! Natural Records Studios strive to achieve the height, and the dimension of the GREATS went and the journey they took their legions of fans trough the creation of GOOD NATURAL MUSIC.

We hope your spirit is hungry, thirsty & ready enough as ours to welcome new artists who are channeling LEGEND’S heights & Journey!

In the STATE of the music world, nowadays. It is indeed BOLD but required! – The Hawk

“Without sound, everything, all entertainment is meaningless. It is through sound, the greatest painting; the greatest movies are born. It through this sound, where masterpieces come to life.”