Composer - Producer - Studio Guitarist - Educator

Music rooted in improvisation, inspired by the moment and the audience.

Teddy Presberg’s music is an experimental mash of soul, funk, and rock n’roll - a blend of sounds described as shoegaze jazz. His live shows are rooted in improvisation, inspired by the moment and the audience. Often compared to the funky, soulful jazz musicians Grant Green and Eddie Harris, you also hear artists such as Jack White and Beck influence his sound. His music is fresh, ever evolving, and lays out his immediate and unfiltered response to our society and times (check out his Apocalypse Yesterday EP).

Presberg has released records stateside on Ropeadope Records (DJ Logic, Christian McBride, Charlie Hunter and Medeski, Martin, and Wood) and also internationally with Timewarp Records. His debut solo album was honored as a Critic’s Pick Top 10 Album of 2007 by All About Jazz. He now releases his music exclusively through his own label Outright Music.

Presberg is known for speaking his own language on the guitar. He’s not flashy with in-your-face chops. He can own one note, and with that note, you know exactly what he means. His unique style is a highly sought after skill for studio sessions of all genres as seen through his large guest appearance list on albums ranging from country to hip-hop to folk.

Teddy has toured the US and shared the stage with other current guitar masters such as David ‘Fuze’ Fiuczynski, Fareed Haque, and John Scofield and performed everywhere from large festivals to intimate jazz clubs to fundraisers. Presberg constantly changes his band lineup with musicians to interpret him. One night you might see him perform with three vocalists and the next his classic instrumental organ trio formation.

The music of Teddy Presberg has another important characteristic: it’s environmentally friendly. His touring is greenhouse gas free and endorsed by the eco-cool clothing company Nau.

When not touring the US in support of his musical projects, Presberg is an award-winning composer who writes for advertising, TV and film, but also produces for other artists he admires through his production company Outright Music. He also teaches music lessons and provides music consulting in Portland, OR and worldwide via Skype.