Take your music to the max with a pro session drummer Tarik Ghiradella -

Tarik Ghiradella has become one of the most sought after session drummers - a drummer with high energy, a solid back beat, distinctive feel and high energy.

Tarik has recently recorded for:
Beth Ogden, Kaylin Roberson,James Lugo, Chris Hendricks Band, Josh Phillips, Mile 7, Brianna Lee, Curry Wayne Clayton, Nicky Kris to name a few.

Drums: Mapex Saturns - 12, 14,16,24.
Cymbals: Wide array of Zildjian Cymbals.
Snare Drums: Ludwig Black Beauty, Pork Pie Big Black, Tama Solid Maple 6x14

Beta52 - Bass Drum
SM 57's - Top and Bottom.
Sennheiser e604's - Toms
SM81's - Ride & Hi Hat
AKG 414’s - Overheads
sE2200 Room mics