My whole goal in songwriting is to write HITS, so that's what I aim for anytime I write for an artist. When you work with me, you can expect to get infectious, catchy, and memorable melodies as this is the most important aspect of a song, in my opinion. Also expect interesting concepts, and songs in whatever genre you want as I like to challenge myself

I am a songwriter and topline writer. I have a great ear for melody, so my work is characterised by infectious, catchy and memorable melodies that remain imprinted in your brain. This is my main strength as a writer. I am also versatile, never restricting myself to only one particular genre so my work is diverse, including Pop, Afro Beat, AfroPop, RnB, Trap, Rap, Hip Hop, Caribbean, and Country, among others.

Here is a video of an Afro Pop/Beat song on YouTube that I've written and co-produced:

Reach out to me for more samples of my work.