Vic has amassed over 30 years experienced in the Music Industry and counting

He is a multi-instrumentalist, having a solid foundation as a bass player,Vic has further developed his musical mastery to include Piano & Keyboards, Guitars and Drums.

Vic has studied Arranging Techniques and Jazz Studies at the Conservatorium of Music and is also an Apple Certified Master Pro and Certified Trainer for Logic Pro.

Vic is an "Australian Songwriters Association" winner as both a Songwriter and Record Producer.

In the 2000 Awards not only did Vic co-write and produce first place, Vic also either co-wrote or produced 2nd and 3rd place.
This has never been achieved by any other songwriter/producer in the history of the Australian Songwriters Association Awards.

Vic's songs have been played on Australian and US radio as well as across Europe.

Vic has written and recorded over 2000 songs as either a songwriter, musician, engineer or producer and in many cases has worn all hats on the project at hand.
If there is one word to best sum up Vic and his approach to his work, then that word would be "Dependability".

Vic currently resides in Sydney, Australia and remains one of the nicest and most approachable guys in the Australian Music Industry.