Grush Audio, the brainchild of producer/songwriter Shane Grush, began simply enough as a very personal love affair with writing and producing music. Grush Audio quickly morphed into a fully operational recording facility (located in metro Detroit). And we have continued to grow, adding ten songwriters and two sound designers to our team, but we have not forgotten our roots. We still hold true to our core values of taking a very personal approach to your music. Whether it's a video, commercial, or other application, we have the chops to write, record, and produce quality music, custom cues, sound design, and all things audio.

Our studio setup is an SSL (Solid State Logic) based hybrid setup. We have all the plugins, good coffee, and excellent WiFi. Our belief is in people, and the inspiration behind great ideas. It's the talent that knows how to get the job done, not the gear. Simply put, we have high expectations for our work, and we do not stop when you go home. We stop when we believe we have made a project the best it can be.