I am a full time professional composer and bass player based in the UK. My music has been heard on television, radio and in video games.

I have been playing bass for over 30 years, mostly in the rock, pop and funk genres.

I have a carefully selected range of professional equipment to provide you with pristine quality recordings. I use the industry stalwart Avalon U5 Bass DI together with an RME UCX audio interface for the purest signal path. In addition I can add colour and grit using analog preamp pedals from Tech 21 and Hartke. If required I can also provide mic'd cabs from Phil Jones Bass, Trace Elliot, Barefaced or Mark Bass. My final track may also include processing from a large collection of premium plugins from UAD, Soundtoys, Ozone, Slate etc.

Fender 'Roscoe Beck' Custom Shop 5-string
Kubicki Ex-Factor
Fender Jazz Fretless w/ East preamp
Yamaha TRB6
Yamaha TRB5
Fender Squier Precision V with upgrades
Yamaha BB1500

I will always ask for your thoughts on a track and adapt my approach to fit in with your vision. I see it as team work to make the track the best it can be - let's make it grooove!