I am a composer, arranger, orchestrator, piano and keyboards player ( jazz fusion funky ) who composes and performs music in many different styles. I have written music film, made arrangements for lots of musicians and composers. I studied at conservatory and at music university of Rome, I work in genres ranging from Jazz, funk, fusion, classic to Pop, Electronic, and so on. I can arrange a whole song or parts of this by keayboard instruments as well as for really orchestra ( writing for single parts). Please contact me before booking my performance so we can talk both about your project and decide if it fits in my kind of music. Thank you.
I worked and/or recorded with: Eumir Deodato, the Jazzman Tony Scott, Johnny Sax, Danilo Terenzi, Gaetano Colajanni, Gunther Schuller, Tony Vella, Stefano D'anna, Giorgio Rosciglione, Enzo Randisi, Cinzia Spata, Ignazio Garsia, Paolo Mappa, Mazinho Ventura, Hans Peter Salentin and so on.
My instruments and equipments include: Clavia Nord Piano 2, Yamaha Motif XS rack, Fender Rhodes piano, Macbookpro with cubase 9.5 PRO, Protools, virtual Synth as Trilian spectrasonic, symphonic orchestra soundsonline and so on, audio device Motu.