Originating from the seaside town of Blackpool in the north west of England, where most musicians end up doing the cabaret or covers scene, singer-songwriter Phil Jordan felt an unease with the prospect of pursuing this route. After just one band practice with a local group, he walked out with keyboard in tow, choosing a path of writing and playing his own compositions. “As much as I admire musicians that do cover versions, especially those that put their own stamp and interpretation on it, it just felt more comfortable and honest for me internally working with a blank canvas and creating something from nothing,
experimenting and searching for my own expression. Though this has taken a while, I’ve finally found my voice, which was there all the time, I just needed to be open to the muse.” Performing on the piano and guitar and being inspired by artists like @NickDrake, @Bob Dylan, @Leonard Cohen and @Van Morrison to name a few, he still continues on his chosen path and can be found performing and releasing material across different platforms.