Music has always been my passion! As a musician I have played in bands (piano, sax and clarinet), as a vocalist, in bands, choirs and music productions. I started writing my first songs at the age of 13 but it wasn't till later that I decided to make music a career.

My first "serious" songwriting was "I Have You". This song became a number one hit and made its way to many countries around the world. Ever since, I have arranged, written songs, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered over 500 music productions. I have collaborated with many top recording artists in Puerto Rico, United States, Central and South America and Italy. I have served as judge on TV talent shows, music director in major events and audio engineer for live events.

I love what I do and I am very passionate about music. I love the entire creative process and the sum of all the small details that ultimately make a difference. Whether is songwriting or music arranging, I always aim to touch people's heart and soul in a special way. I believe music should be sincere and pure!