Hi I live in the amazing State of Vermont. There are not many studio musicians here so I hope to find a community on this site. I am a singer songwriter on both piano and guitar and consider what I do soul-rock, My biggest influences are Jackson Browne and James Taylor. I have been fortunate to work with world class studio musicians and am looking only for that caliber professional . If you do not consider yourself in that category it will be better to decline my request as I will be expecting only top notch results. More specifically what I am looking for

*Files that are error free of timing issue, artifacts and are ready for mixing
* Parts that play around vocals and do not conflict with other elements of the mix
*files that align with the mix or countdown without manipulation
*creative work that brings something new to what I have started
*A willingness to stick with the process without rushing a conclusion
* A willingness to communicate both ways and share constructive feedback without drama

In my experience the above qualities the world class studio musicians posses. If any of that doesn't fit you, it wont hurt my feelings if you turn down the offer. I would rather that then waist our time and money.