Hi! I am Parnell Street, a producer, songwriter, vocal producer, audio editor, and mix engineer. The rhythms and melodies of numerous cultures converge on the streets of the Bronx, my hometown. A vibrant childhood preceded this adult search for beautiful reality; a gravity that artfully describes our common bonds.

Over the past 15 years, I have worked in many studios (large and small), and with many, many artists. I fully understand how delicate and vital the dynamic between artist and audience is. I sincerely enjoy what I do for a living.

We create sonic landscapes that evolve into visual emotions. We endeavor to outline, shade, highlight and narrate the lives of people we might never meet. Pop songs, hip hop, hyper technical jazz, roots music, or just a kid with a guitar -- I love it all -- I have helped create it all.

In my opinion, participating in an idea or experience that becomes a song, is one of the most joyful gifts.