I have over 15 years of experience in the music industry as a Ghostwriter,Songwriter & Rap Coach. I have been either a songwriting, ghostwriting or a coach during studio sessions for hundreds and hundreds of clients. Some of my most recent work consist of writing songs for Wiz Khalifa, P.Diddy & Ray-J. My most recent work has been songs like "Social Media Gangsters" which have 6 million views on World star and "Money Way" which has 3 million views on World star as well. Also has done plenty of work for the rap group "New Skool Classmates" which have a combine total of 1/2 millions views on YouTube. Due to contracts agreements there are certain artists that I can not name I . I have worked with all types of artists from the beginning stages to the expert level. I work hard on helping all of my clients achieve their goals no matter how hard it might be. Its always a great feeling to work with artists on music its a rush that is unexplainable. I do majority of my work at my own studio which is called WAMM studios which is located in Duluth North Atlanta, Georgia but I have worked in some of the top studios in Atlanta like 11th Street Studios and Patchwerks.