Hey! Thanks for checking me out. My Name Is Jeff, I have been a Professional Live sound Engineer for over 10 years, Both Front Of House (FOH) and Monitors. I do all genre's but specialize in country, and modern rock/tribute bands. I have done both national and small bands. I have been Recording bands as well as my own projects for the last 15 years. I am Also a songwriter, who specializes in the modern country genre, and I also write Punk Rock songs as a side project with a band.

Some of the Services I offer are, Drum Replacement, Drum Programming, Guitar/Bass Reamping, Vocal Tuning and Harmonies, Mixing and Mastering, and I also offer a cool service where I will provide the acoustic backing tracks to your song, but thats not all thats included with it, I will provide 3 Acoustic tracks ( Left, Right, and Backing/lead) As well as a Mandolin track of chords, and A Nashville Tuned Acoustic Guitar track. 5 tracks of rhythm and layers, for a small price.

I grew Up on older country, Punk Rock and Metal, Weird Combination - I know!, , My username, NewFoundJeff182 represents New Found Glory and Blink182, Lame I know, I feel like i'm stuck in the 90s, Haha.

Send me a message, I'd love to be able to help you complete your next project and add something new to it!