I started playing the violin in 2006,and viola in 2009.
I play classical ,Arabic ,Turkish,oriental music.
I finished my music diploma in 2016 with 97% score from Edward Said National Conservatory of Music .
And I am an arranger and mixing engineer
I have my own professional studio with a very HQ gear :
1-Apollo twin duo audio-interface with manley and neve preamp from UAD plugins.
2-Neumann Tlm 103 AND Warm-audio 47 tube condenser microphone .
And more....
I play with one of the best orchestras and bands in Palestine like :
1-Palestinian youth orchestra
2-Awtar band we play with the arab idol mohammad assaf and yacoub shaeen and ameer danan and the famous egyption singer hany shaker .
3-I was the leader of the Egyptian arabi idol carmen soluiman
4-I am a member in Palestine strings and we played in 2013 in Royal alber hall with nigel kennedy.
5-I am a violin teacher in two Conservatories here in Palestine .
Also i deliver 90% of my orders in less than 12 hours from ordering .