"Now and again an artist comes along for whom it is extremely difficult, if non nigh on impossible, to draw comparators. Leonel Silva is just one such example. He has one of those voices that stands out as distinctive and unique, not imitatory of any predecessors or contemporaries, but powerful and identifiable in his own right."

in uber-rock.co.uk

> My voice range is very diverse but one can find it sound better in mid range, tough capable of lows and highs. I don't growl tough.
> I'm also very keen and experienced in layering voices to do some nice harmonies, creating large and powerful choruses.
> I've released 10 original albums with several bands and I've been also in charge of the lyrics for most of the times, so I can also help you create the right lyrics for your nice tune!
> I've been in multiple original and cover Rock and Metal bands all over the years.