Greetings! Are you searching for that naturally warm old-school soulful vocal sounds with passion and excitement? Or, does your project require a raspy vocal sound? Whatever you decide…look no further. I will provide it to your music tracks upon request! I work very simple. You send me your instrumental track, and I will provide the vocals! I've been singing and performing for over 30+ years, and have over 25 years of studio recording expertise. I am a professional lead singer, and I am also capable of performing bass, baritone, tenor, and falsetto range should it be required in your project regarding background vocals. I was managed by one of the pioneers of the legendary O'Jays. I have appeared with such legendary acts as the Stylistics, Gerald Albright, the Ohio Players, the Temps and more. I am also skilled in studio mixing and mastering along with the use of equalization, compression, and limiters to produce a professional sound. I am familiar with, and have worked with various DAWS such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Studio 1, and Cubase, but are currently using Ableton Live, and Audacity. Please take a listen to my snippets that I have provided as an audition. All vocals are my work.

Michael Gi
San Diego, CA