Offering Classic Vintage Vibes from 4 mics ...

I'm a London based pro drummer with a love for vintage vibes and a 'less is more' approach to recording. I deliver 4 stems of vintage inspired drums for your track; recorded using 4 well placed mics in the classic tradition and bringing character & warmth from my collection of new and vintage instruments.
I have been fortunate to play music all over the world with some incredible musicians and artists & have specialised in playing roots music of all forms; Blues, Americana, R&B, Rockabilly, Doo Wop etc and had the great privilege of working with some of the original pioneers of the 1950's.

Credits include: Emily Capell, Bernie Marsden, Imelda May, Big Boy Bloater & the LiMiTs, Young Jessie, Lazy Lester, Eddie Daniels, Freddy Cannon, Jack Scott, Charlie Gracie, Jimmy Thomas, Elliot Ireland, Geoff Smith, Gyspyfingers, Tony Christie ...

Available gear includes:
British Drum Co Lounge and IMP series kits
1965 Leedy kit
Guru Drumworks wood hoop kit
Vintage snare drums from 1930's, 40's, 50, 60's, 70's