Luke has written and produced music for global advertisement campaigns for brands such as Avon (Epic Lipstick and Smarter Prices 2018 Global Campaign), Trip Advisor (Ideal Prices 2018 Campaign), Shell (Ferrari F1 Canada Activation Event), Sky (History Channel), BT (BT Sport) and Colgate (Cannes Award Entry 2016). Luke's music has been played across TV, Cinema and radio. His studio is based just outside of London.

Luke has a degree in creative music technology and 5 years of experience writing to briefs across various commercial styles.

Luke plays and records using analog synths in his productions including the Dave Smith Prophet 06, Moog Sub 37, Korg Volca Keys along with industry standard digital synths such as Omnisphere, Serum and Sylenth.

Luke's studio is fully equipped with industry standard Universal Audio pre amps, Focal CMS65 Monitors, Beyerdynamic Headphones, Waves, Soundtoys and Fab Filter plugins. It also features a Neumann u87 microphone (iconically used by the Beatles) along with a selection of Shure microphones.

Luke plays guitar (Fender Stratocaster and Taylor Acoustic) and Piano (Keyscape for various industry standard modelled piano sounds and electric piano sounds).

Luke writes and produces for artists across contemporary electronic styles, focussing on the emotive sides to electronic and popular dance music.