It all began when I started playing drums in school and messing around with various recording devices to capture myself playing drums, guitars and keyboards for fun, trying to get sounds like all my favorite records with a 4-track cassette recorder and some cheap microphones. I always tried to get the best sound with whatever was laying around and became obsessed with recording and writing music. Eventually, I moved onto using computers and learned all about recording software and Pro Tools. After completing my bachelor's in Music Industry, I moved to Nashville and began working in studios and writing songs around town.
I soaked in everything around me and took it back to New York where I took an engineering position at one of New York City's finest recording studios in SoHo. I engineered and worked on some of the top records in pop, rock, hip hop and electronic music at the time, such as Rixton's Let the Road and SBTRKT's Wonder Where We Land. I eventually ventured out on my own and have been fortunate enough to have my songs and productions placed on several major TV networks and licensing companies catalogs.

It all comes down to the fact that I am purely obsessed with music. I am obsessed with bringing songs to life and extracting emotions in listeners of all genres. I love to make music.