Hi, My name is Kim Pereira and I am a session drummer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I've been playing drums for over 30 years and I have been recording drums from my home studio for the past 5 years. I use Logic Pro X and Focusrite. I play Istanbul Mehmet cymbals and RMV drums! I'd love the opportunity to drum on your song!

My Studio is a recording studio specialized in drums. To meet different recording sounds two drum kits are always assembled and ready to record. One pop, rock, funk sound kit and the other bossa, jazz sound kit.

Kim began playing drums in 1987 at the age of thirteen in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 1994, he moved to Los Angeles to study at the Musicians Institute of Technology (P.I.T). While in Los Angeles he played with artists such as Ozomatli, Dwight "The Professor" Baldwin (Clinician and Educator) and The Toledo Show among others local LA Artists.
In Brazil, Kim played and recorded with bands and artists such as, Ângela Rorô, Kelly Key, Rita Beneditto, Sidney Magal, Bebeto, Tony Platão, Farofa Carioca, Zero, Victor Biglione, Osmar Milito, Sidney Linhares, Marcos Amorim and Davy Mooney.
Kim played at the musical plays Tim Maia, Cássia Eller, Jim Morrison, Wilson Simonal, Sambra, Orlando Silva and Ayrton Senna. Kim currently endorses RMV Drums, Istanbul Mehmet, Vector, Power Click and Mister Mix.