Spanish producer and engineer whose headquarters are in Uniphonic Studios in Mexico City.

Born in Ciudad Real (Spain) in 1978. He was raised in Puertollano, where he starts his musical studies in the Professional Conservatory of Music “Pablo Sorzábal”. In 1992, he moves back to Ciudad Real, where he starts to play the guitar in several rock and metal local bands. During this time, he also worked as a session guitar player for recording studios.
He starts his technological studies centered in electronics and I.T. (audio and image), where he specializes in acoustics and audio frequency gear.
In 2000 he joins Rafael Romero in Artica Studios, a small recording studio focused on low budget productions. During this time, he has the opportunity to work in countless projects covering a wide range of musical genres.
In 2006 se leaves Artica Studios and starts mixing projects from all around the world as a freelance engineer. He blends this, with producing pop and rock bands and recording classical music from churches and folk venues.
In 2010 he focuses con designing and building Blackwaves Estudios in Ciudad Real, opening in January 2011.
In 2013, he moves to Mexico City to join the Academia de Música Fermatta as Dean of Technological Studies until 2015. Besides his duties as a Dean, he also taught acoustic, electronics, production, recording and mixing classes.
He is a producer and recording engineer in Uniphonic and university-level professor of acoustics, electronics, recording and mixing techniques in Rec Música - Centro de Estudios Musicales, Mexico City.