I'm a full-time music producer/engineer based in Los Angeles, California. I specialize in fun & energetic Indie Folk/Americana, Indie Rock and Indie Pop. My songs have been heard by millions around the world on different TV shows, films and ads. These include CBS, ESPN, MTV, Starbucks, Oxygen, Lifetime, Ring training videos and major UK retailers.

LIVE for making each track I work on sound unique & modern. To set up special moments that WOW the listener.

LOVE fat sounds that hit hard. Or sounds so delicate they slay you with their vulnerability. Undeniably catchy melodies. Vocals that feel like the singer is right next to you. Air and a nice open ceiling to the track that makes you feel like you're IN it.

VOCALS are just one of my "things." I've had a mic in front of me since age 4. I know how to dial in a killer vocal sound, artistically using editing, tuning and FX to give them real lift and life. Harmonies come naturally to me as well as arrangements.

SO FUN programming drums and keys, and dialing in killer synths. Building a track from scratch is where my creativity really shines. I work with a palette of different acoustic instruments and drums to give my tracks authentic organic vibes.

BEEF UP your current demos up so they have the fullness & impact you truly want. Wherever your song is at, I will make it sound polished & current.

ARTISTS who need a producer who will build a COMPLETE sound with them, hit that green button.

PSYCHED to expertly mix and master songs whether I produce them or not. Again, green button!

INCREDIBLE session vocalists and players in L.A. - if you need a singer or musician I can get them in to record for you at a very reasonable rate.

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