Producer/songwriter located Liverpool, UK.
I have previously worked with signed artists and songwriters and, after a lengthy break, I am currently working on my own new music for intended release.
My songs are written for female vocals and incorporate elements of soul, R&B, indie pop among others.
As I either play or program all my own music I use airgigs to hook up with great singers. As well as a great performance, it's really important for me to receive a high quality of recording to enable me to attain professional results in production (this doesn't mean an expensive microphone; it just means recording in a suitably 'dead' space without reflections and also using a pop shield to reduce plosives).
My songs are fully written with clear guide vocals and lyric sheet provided.
Oh -and I am very friendly and easy to work with :)

[PLEASE NOTE: As the music will be released, I am booking any gig based on having commercial rights to release the recordings you provide to me. This doesn't mean waiving any performance rights and any vocals I use will be credited to you (if desired) and, should any track prove successful, you would be fully entitled to performance royalties.]