Producer/songwriter located Liverpool, UK.
I have previously worked with signed artists and songwriters and I am currently working on a low-key album of my own material for digital and vinyl release in early 2020.
The music is song-based (as opposed to EDM or abstract beats requiring improv/adlibs) incorporating quite a variety of elements from R&B and soul to indie, and country. All songs are complete with lyrics/melody and an accurate guide vox.
I am looking to have featured vocalists (i.e. definitive vocal performances for release, not demos) and I would envisage potentially working with any individual singer I approach on multiple tracks (lead and backing vox).
I am very friendly and easy to work with :)

[PLEASE NOTE: As the music will be released, I would need the singers I work with to sign the standard Musicians Union Session Agreement giving me (as the producer) full rights to the vocal recording provided. This doesn't mean "royalty free". You would be properly credited (unless you prefer not to be) and you would be entitled to any performance royalties that may be generated by the track(s) in question. The Agreement simply allows me to retain full control over all elements of my music.]